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Our Teams

Vandal Solutions works within teams to allow professional development in different areas and also provide a wide variety of services to our clients. Below we highlight those teams and talk about what each one does!


Social Media


Internal Team


Palouse Properties


Excite Grant

Why Vandal Solutions


One opportunity that all Vandal Solutions associates will benefit from is professional development to make themselves more hireable and experienced when it comes to finding a job or internship. Throughout a semester, we have guest speakers to give career advice, workshops to develop resumes, and practice networking. 


Vandal Solutions provides a unique experience for students to collaborate with a team professionally. Students will gain skills in teamwork, conflict-resolution, and leadership in a workplace environment. Additionally, students will have the chance to work directly and remain in close communication with real clients in the area. Students will walk away from Vandal Solutions with experience in client-satisfaction and a greater understanding of business relationships and professional communication.


Since Vandal Solutions works with many local clients, invites industry professionals in as guest speakers, and plays a prominent role in events like Networking Night and Career Fair, associates have the opportunity to expand their network through these connections with business professionals and also their fellow Vandal Solutions associates. After Vandal Solutions, associates feel more connected with the College of Business and Economics and the network that the Vandal family provides. 

Take A Look At Past Projects!

We have done a lot over the Years! Take a look at some of our past teams and grants for various projects

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