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Grant 2020-2023




Throughout the Spring 2023 semester, the Blaze Team worked to find ways to improve and market the “Secure the Shelter” simulation. We began the semester as a Team by researching the effects of wildfires on homes. This research helped us to understand the purpose of the simulation and how to market the product. Using this research, we established a target market. This allowed the team to narrow down our audience by segmenting them based upon geographics, psychographics and demographics. After establishing and researching our target market we then began to focus on expanding our brand. This included flyers, brochures, and infographics. We also created ways to reach the target audience by increasing our social media presence. The partnerships, alongside these marketing materials, will be an opportunity for the “Secure the Shelter” simulation to be put to use and help those in wildfire country as it was intended to.


What Services did BLAZE Provide?

  • Marketing: Conducting market research discovered Blaze’s target audience and their geographics, psychographics, and demographics. Once the target audience was determined, we used that information to understand which marketing channels would work the best to reach the market.

  • Advertising: To reach Blaze’s target audience, advertising and promotional materials were created to raise awareness. Intangible materials like social media would be created to reach younger homeowners, while tangible materials like brochures, pamphlets, and mail would reach older homeowners. 

  • Partnerships: By partnering with local organizations like insurance companies, building supply companies, and nurseries, promotional materials would be distributed directly to the target audience.

Private Property


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