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Our Give Back Program

Vandal Solutions Give Back Program is what makes Vandal Solutions so amazing. It is the third tier of our Win Win Win model and one of the most important ones. We have been able to turn our hard work into making a difference in our community and have begun to help make a difference across the world. We love to donate to causes close to our associates and where they see the need for funds. Every semester we pledge 40% of our revenue to donations to local and global non-profits, cluand bs who need funding, and running a take-what-you-need food box in the Albertsons Building Basement for students.

How Funding Works:

Groups requesting funding must fill out our form including a letter with a description of the group, what the funding will be used for, and estimated expenses. Our executive team will review the provided information and approve the donation of up to $250.

If your project or group needs more than $250 you may need to present to the executative group or to the whole class; about why your project deserves the money!


Apply to Get Funded Today!


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