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Grant: Spring of 2023



On behalf of the Cooperative Extension System, the Extension Foundation serves as Principal Investigator, provides grants administration, fiscal, operational, and technological services, system-wide communication, innovation processes, wrap-around services for projects, data collection and dashboards, and partnership development for the EXCITE Program.

What Services did EXCITE Provide?

  • Events: We are continuously searching for events to attend around the Treasure Valley and Magic Valley. Speaking at events helps us connect directly with the target, latinx community, through a trusted local opinion leader.

  • Social Media: We have created a Facebook page as a nonprofit organization called "Estudiantes Para el Futuro de Nuestra Gente" to share stories about the latinx community to help better our future for ourselves and our families. Specific posts will be boosted by paid advertisements to help reach more of the community around the Treasure Valley and Magic Valley. The page is also used as a measurement tool to help track our progress.

  • Podcast Interviews: Podcasts are done twice a month and posted onto the Facebook page. We interview individuals with inspirational personal stories they'd like to share their experience as students, their family, and disease prevention.

  • Videography: For the interviews, we are recording the conversations with the interviewees on video. The video and audio are edited afterwards in preparation to be posted on the Facebook Page. We are working with a third party to help us with quality videography.

  • Radio Interviews: We are reaching out to different latinx opinion leaders in the target area to collaborate with them. The radio host supports our mission by interviewing us on the radio. In turn, we are reaching more of the community and creating content for the Facebook page. 


Learn More

Check out Excite's website below to learn more about their organization and mission.

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