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Palouse Properties 

What our Team Does

Palouse Properties


Can you provide examples of successful projects or campaigns your team has executed in the past?

  • Every year, we design, produce, and distribute the Renter's Survival Guide for Palouse Properties. It is one of our biggest tasks each year and our proudest accomplishment. We also hold tabling events throughout the year to promote the Renter's Survival Guide and Palouse Properties' Virtual Open House.


How do you ensure effective communication and collaboration throughout the project or service engagement?

We use a Weekly Agenda to plan out our actions ahead of time to best prepare for events and tasks. We also meet with our client weekly or bi-weekly, depending on upcoming events and work schedules.


Are there any specialized tools, technologies, or platforms that your team uses to enhance the delivery of your services?

  • Because our team is focused heavily on social media, we use canvas for all of our graphic design work. It allows us to create cohesive and high quality designs for flyers, social media posts, and the Renter's Survival Guide.  

Palouse Properties

Dan Schoeberg

The Palouse Properties Team works with the property management company, Palouse Properties, to market off-campus housing solutions to students at the University of Idaho. The team specializes in social media marketing, brand awareness, advertising, and property photography.

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