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Palouse Properties Team

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Palouse Properties

Our team focuses on creating appealing advertisements and other forms of outreach to potential renters for Palouse Properties. We are responsible for creating the Renter’s Survival Guide every year which details information for renters and local resources that could help out new students. We also regularly keep a social media presence by posting current events and news relating to Palouse Properties.


Dan Schoeberg, our contact with Palouse Properties has been an active part in Vandal Solutions since the organization was created. Depending on their busy season, we meet with Dan bi-weekly to ensure we have the relevant information we need to provide our services dependably and proficiently.

Direct Services Team Palouse Properties Provides:

  • Renter’s Survival Guide: Each year, Palouse Properties works with Dan Schoenberg to create a guide for prospective renters. The guide gives them tips and tricks to navigate the rental world and offers helpful aid when many first time renters don’t understand apartment living. The guide provides specific costs for renting with Palouse Properties, their locations, and other useful information like rental insurance, security, and deposits. 

  • Social media posts: To increase the number of renters interested in Palouse Properties, our Team posts on Instagram and Facebook with guidance from Dan. The posts range from friendly holiday announcements to upcoming important dates Palouse Properties has. Palouse Properties doesn’t rely on social media for attracting their business, but to have it be accessible to the public is very important. Their Instagram and Facebook profiles are the first glimpse many potential renters have into the business and it’s up to Vandal Solutions to ensure they have a reliable source of information. 

  • Tabling events: To get more involved with the University of Idaho, our Team hosts tabling events to give students more information about Palouse Properties. Our Team is knowledgeable about the business and can answer questions that first time renters have. As the majority of Palouse Properties’ business comes from U of I students, it’s important for them to be active on campus and in the community. 

Palouse Properties

Dan Schoeberg

The Palouse Properties Team works with the property management company, Palouse Properties, to market off-campus housing solutions to students at the University of Idaho. The team specializes in social media marketing, brand awareness, advertising, and property photography.

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