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Internal Team

Meet Our Team

Get to know the incredible individuals who make up our team at Vandal Solutions. We are a passionate group of young professionals dedicated to making a positive impact in our community. Together, we strive to create a successful semester for our associates and for our company!


Alex Gustafson



Abby Nava

Manager of Human Resources


Andrea Bouvia

VP of Human Resources


Kyle Engbrecht

VP of Finance



Team Expertise:

We do not require any certifications or training in this position. However, we work a lot with the students in our class to ensure a healthy and productive atmosphere within the teams and class as a whole. Additionally, we meet with potential associates in an interview process to assess which team is the best fit. In this team, we are in charge of recruitment, moral, and class grades.



As HR we have many small projects that help assist to the overall success of the class. However, one of our main projects is Recruitment. Planning tabling, info session, and conducting interviews to create the best potentially roster for the upcoming semester. Last semester we had a very successful recruitment season, having a record high attendance at the Information session and having so many candidates interview we had to turn people away. This was a confidence boost for the entire class and allows us to enter next year's recruitment with high hopes and expectations. 

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