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Vandal Solutions’ Events Team helps host, facilitate, and promote in-person events. They work with clients to understand their goals for an event, create contracts, which provides a clear understanding of what they expect of us, assist in planning the event, connect their organization with the University of Idaho and especially the College of Business. 

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Vandal Solutions is always doing Events around Campus! Find out what's happening!

Direct Services Events Provides:

Private Events

The events team of Vandal Solutions plans private events both within and outside of our organization. We can create and facilitate events on and off campus.

University Connection

As a student-led organization on campus, Vandal Solutions has a unique connection with the University of Idaho that can extend to outside clients

Promotion of Event

The events team has a multi-faceted approach to promoting events. We utilize design applications like Canva to create visually appealing promotional materials for your events. The social media team is instrumental in managing your online presence, handling social media accounts, posting content, and executing your promotional plans. They help to plan advertisements and the timing of uploading them.

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