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Could you share some examples of client experiences or success stories that showcase the impact of your work?

  • Networking Night: there were 7 of us helping with set up and take down of the event, heard that the help of those who worked made the event go over very smoothly.

  • Career Fair: there were 10 of us who showed up to work and were told that even though there were moments of haste, this spring semester was one of the easiest career fairs so far.


How have your services positively impacted your clients' businesses or projects?

  • Our services have positively impacted on our clients' events and businesses in multiple ways. The main and recurring events such as the Networking Night and Career Fair are two events that we consistently are involved in, we provide staffing for the set-up/take-down and running of the events which has made these events happen much more efficiently.

  • Another business we are currently working with is our Palouse Hills Pork client. We can make a positive impact on these clients through our work on creating a brand travel kit for them. We are helping them rebrand their farm and create a travel kit of supplies needed for setting up at the farmers market for example. This company is looking to improve their sales as well as sell their business.


Can you provide examples of successful projects or campaigns your team has executed in the past?

  • A successful event that took place in the spring semester of 2023 was the Etiquette Dinner. In the report, while most of our teammates worked at the event as servers and helpers for set-up and clean-up, those who did attend said that it was a great event. Staff had lines moving quickly and there was a good time to socialize with others before the dining event itself. This event taught those who attended, proper professional etiquette when having a meal with a boss or a recruiter. It was also said about how the information that was taught was very useful and important information that more people should have access to.


How do clients benefit from choosing your team over other service providers?

  • we're all passionate about event planning and exceeding expectations that are given to us. Clients benefit from choosing us because we provide the same quality of service for a fraction of the price.


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