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Non-Profit Social Media

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What our Team Does

Non-Profit Social Media (NPSM)


What certifications, training, or experience do your team members possess that make them uniquely qualified to provide these services?

We are all Non-profit social media certified and Social media mastery certified through Canva. We all are also on our way to becoming Dementia Friends certified.


Can you provide examples of successful projects or campaigns your team has executed in the past?

-We launched the Five Dollar Friend club for Style Her Empowered which was a social media campaign that shared what five dollars can do for girls and women in Togo Africa.

- We also have begun shopping for a giveaway to run on Style her Empowered social media platforms that will encourage others to join the five-dollar friend club.

- Launched a Tiktok for Style Her Empowered


How do you ensure that your team stays updated with the latest industry trends and best practices?

We support team members in joining professional associations and organizations related to their field. We also foster collaboration between different departments or teams within the organization to share insights and experiences.


How have your services positively impacted your clients' businesses or projects?

Collaborative Approach: Because SHE’s goal was to reach a younger demographic. We conducted a lot of research to look into this target demographic. We also used our social media expertise to create fun and engaging graphics for SHE!

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